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Company Advisors
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A Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week experience is not complete without our most valuable resource, our volunteers, who are essential for us to carry out our mission. We have volunteer opportunities that range in commitment levels and responsibilities.

Company Advisor
As a Company Advisor (CA), you will mentor a team of high school students and have the opportunity to enhance your own leadership skills while you share your personal expertise and experiences. Your role is to engage, educate and empower the students to be involved in the activities. This week-long opportunity will be nothing like you have every experienced before!

Being a Judge for one of our Friday competitions at the end of the students' week, is the next best way (after being a Company Advisor for the week) to get one's "toe in the water." On Friday of each PFEW session, each student company is responsible for both a Stockholders' and Advertising Presentation. Both competitions will each have an overall winner declared at the awards banquet on that evening. In addition, the scoring for the Stockholders' and Advertising segments each count 25% towards the highlight of the week, which is the naming of the overall "Top Company." The judging, therefore, is extremely important to the students.

Speaker PFEW provides students with access to a variety of speakers and messages, from motivational, to inspirational, to entrepreneurial. If you are energetic, exciting, and looking to share your message with our students, we encourage you to contact us for speaking opportunities at PFEW.

Bob Diefenbacher
Denbrook Strategic Advisors
First volunteered at PFEW in 2006.

PFEW:  Where were you born?
Bob:  I was born in Greenport, Long Island and grew up in Southold, Long Island.

PFEW:  What is your favorite color?
Bob:  Blue

PFEW:  What is your favorite food?
Bob:  Steak

PFEW:  What hobbies do you have?
Bob:  Photography

PFEW:  How did you first get involved with PFEW?
Bob:  When I was President of the Exton Region Chamber of Commerce in 2000, I encouraged our Chamber to support PFEW. Ever alert to the opportunity to snag a new volunteer, John sensed that I might be a "live one" and began a campaign to sign me up. I resisted due to workload but finally gave in to judging. I caught the PFEW fever on that trip to Lycoming College and once I retired I gave in to the pressure to be an Advisor. I realized afterwards what a great week I had been missing. I have remained a loyal Week III CA every year since. 

PFEW:  What is the most valuable lesson you have learned while volunteering at PFEW?
Bob:  I have learned what a great experience it is to work with the excited and motivated young people who attend PFEW. Even though I am exhausted when I get to bed at night during the week, I wake up each morning eagerly anticipating the sessions and speakers. These students are truly the cream of the crop in their high schools, and they are really fun to be with!

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