Every year, thousands of Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week (PFEW) applications are mailed to teachers, counselors and administrators of Pennsylvania's public, private, parochial, charter, and home schools.
Official PFEW 2021 Dates:

Week 1 - Jul. 4-10
Week 2 - Jul. 11-17
Week 3 - Jul. 25-31
Week 4 - Aug. 1-7

It's their dedication in promoting our program that allows high school sophomores and juniors to experience the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that is PFEW. They play a major role in making PFEW such a success year after year.

We Need Your Help!
PFEW relies heavily on the support of our loyal Educators who spread the word about our program. We need your help in identifying potential participants, distributing applications, following up with students, making announcements, writing articles for your school newspaper, and scheduling school presentations. Students need not be enrolled in business classes to attend PFEW, all they need to have is a sincere interest to better themselves. And there is no limit in the number of students that may attend from your school!

Feel free to contact the PFEW Schools Team to learn more about how you can help promote PFEW or to receive our promotional materials and/or video.

Prepare Your Students for Their Future!
PFEW teaches students practical tools and appropriate knowledge that will help them face the fast paced, business oriented world they will find themselves thrust into post high school. Students will learn things not only about business, but about themselves that will allow them to be better prepared to face the challenges and changes life has in store for them. Working with a group of their peers will allow them to hone their teambuilding skills and see what it is like in a work environment full of different personalities.

And it's not just other students they will get to meet! Students will get a chance to meet numerous business professionals throughout the program. These professionals are a who's who of the Commonwealth's best and brightest! By getting to know our professionals, students will gain priceless insight into the world of business and learn life lessons that will stay with them long after they leave the program. Imagine the relationships they can develop to benefit them later in life!

And the Benefits Keep Coming!
Since PFEW is hosted on a college campus, it enables students to get that first-hand college experience that will allow them to see what it is like to be independent. This experience will allow them to make decisions about what kind of institution they may want to attend in their future.

And speaking of college, PFEW is a wonderful addition to any college application! Or job resume! Both colleges and future employers are always looking to see what sets students a part from the pack. PFEW is something that can definitely help them stand out. Plus any student who completes the PFEW program is automatically eligible for college scholarships from our host campuses. The benefits are outstanding just as our students are!


Marianne Wimer
Williamsport Area High School
Business Teacher
PFEW Company Advisors

I’m a high school teacher, so I look forward to summer with unbridled enthusiasm! As a teacher, perhaps the last thing you’d think I want to do with my precious summer vacation is to spend a prolonged amount of time WORKING with a group of high school students – and certainly not for FREE. Would it surprise you then to hear that the highlight of my past summer involved exactly that?

I am a PFEW Company Advisor. This means that last summer I had the great privilege of watching a crowd of randomly grouped unacquainted teens from a variety of social segments, socioeconomic backgrounds, life-experiences, and environments transform into a smoothly operating company of young professionals. I heard awkward silences turn in a cacophony of laughter, fellowship and friendship, creative ideas, and business jargon. I witnessed quiet individuals merge as poised, confident speakers, self-deprecating artists morph into marketing geniuses, and inexperienced leaders develop into strong managers with powerful people skills.

PFEW is not about teaching, at least not in the conventional sense. Rather than being in charge of these young emerging leaders, I was a consultant. An advisor. An equal. The first night, the students looked to me for guidance and answers, but we ALL shortly realized that my purpose was not to cram their heads full of information and tell them what to do, but rather to help them find their own answers. They looked to one another for direction and leadership.

If you’re a teacher, perhaps you became one for many of the same reasons that I did – to help students achieve personal success, positively impact young lives, and make a difference in the world. You can do all this in just one week at PFEW.

On top of that, I spent time networking and learning alongside some of the most successful business professionals in PA and beyond. These connections led to incredible opportunities for my current and future students, advancement in my own career and professional development, as well as some life-long and life-changing friendships. I cannot emphasize enough that the value in PFEW is for both the young leaders AND the Company Advisors.

PFEW was not just another week spent trying to change some young lives - it was a week where I too was changed.

To have an experience just like Marianne's, please consider joining us. Click Here to apply!

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