PFEW 2019 was outstanding! Thank you to all the students and volunteers for making this a great summer!              
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"This camp changed me as a person, as with each sunrise and sunset I learned something about myself. Not only did PFEW let me find my strengths, but it allowed me to combat my weaknesses. Throughout my entire life I've fought with my lack of confidence so much that I found it nearly impossible to look anyone in the eyes, but after only a week I'm confident that I could return home and thank you face to face."
Garret Lenhart, Derry Area High School
"Here at PFEW, I was able to spread my wings and soar above adversity and challenges. I was able to learn about the business world and everything you must sacrifice in order to succeed in life."
Justin Hall, Mastery Charter
"To me PFEW was an extraordinary experience with a multitude of opportunities to enhance multiple skills, and I have to say I had an amazing time doing it."
Jacob Johanson, Perkiomen Valley High School
"After this week I feel I have been fully immersed in the world of business and confident in my decision to study it throughout my college education... This opportunity not only changed my perspective and horizons, but also made me into a more educated individual and leader in society."
Emily Ankiewicz, MMI Preparatory School
"These lessons have given me the tools to become a better worker, a better student, and most importantly, a better person. PFEW has gifted me a new mindset... Thank you for giving me the skills that will change my life."
Jason Zaprazny, Hershey High School
"When I take home what I have learned through being a part of my amazing team and what I have learned from the many outstanding speakers, I will truly be taking home a gift. I expected to leave with maybe some knowledge about business. What I will be taking home is so much more than some business knowledge. I will be forever inspired by the wonderful speakers, and hopefully I will never lose the feeling of self-confidence I have right now. I didn't know if I would ever have enough good ideas to even have a team want me. I have felt truly accepted and valued by the people around me. That is something I don't feel often, and I will never forget it."
Delanie DiFonzo, Smethport Area JRSR HS
"About one day in, I realized PFEW is far more than a resume addition, far more than your usual business camp. PFEW is truly the experience of a lifetime, and I could not be more grateful that I was able to go."
Katelyn Salva, Villa Maria Academy
"I was correct in thinking that I would learn about business, but I have learned so much more in addition to that. Friendship, teamwork, fun, and creativity have been the most notable factors of my week."
Grace Binkey, Greater Latrobe SHS
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"My son got in the car and said he just had one of the best weeks of his life... After day one, I texted to see how he was doing, not expecting much back. He said the people on his team were "incredible" and his adult mentor was awesome. Pretty telling from a 17-year-old young man. Thanks to PFEW for not only a wonderful business experience but a fantastic life experience."
Mary Reinhard, mother of Luke Reinhard, Cumberland Valley HS
"My son participated in PFEW 2018. It was a challenging and rewarding experience for him. He met new friends, he accomplished goals that have practical application, and he enjoyed friendly competition with the business groups and on the volleyball court. The speakers were particularly moving; Ian felt inspired and still remembers some of those moments. It was the highlight of his summer!"
Amy Bond, mother of Ian Bond, McDowell SHS
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"Gianni had an amazing experience at PFEW. This year it was wonderful to not only be a teacher who encourages kids to take advantage of this program but to also have a son who attended. Although he was a bit nervous about going away and spending a week with an unknown roommate and participating in such a wide variety of events, his anxiety evaporated within the first 24 hours. When he returned home, it was evident that he recognized how incredibly valuable this experience was in a variety of ways (academic, social, college and career readiness, etc). I will continue to be a strong advocate for the PFEW program in both the high school where I teach and the community as a whole. Thank you for all you do for our kids!"
Heather Quattrocchi, English Dept. Co-Chair at Bristol JSHS
"PFEW has been an amazing experience for our students. As the mentorship coordinator at SAHS, I am so very thankful for this opportunity. Students get a chance to see a career field, make friends from all across the state, develop their strengths and gain leadership skills. We have seen such a difference both academically and socially in the student who have attended. PFEW has given students a perspective on life after high school while also bringing relevancy to their High School course work. I will continue to promote PFEW at Souderton and I look forward seeing the positive impacts on our future participants."
Amy Tarlo, Mentorship and Transition Coordinator, Souderton Area HS
"PFEW is amazing because it reinforces the knowledge base that we as teachers try to instill in the students with our everyday lessons and activities. For a program to be able to make the text-to-real world applications like it does is an incredible asset to the students and the teachers."
Frank Mayo, Business Teacher, Pennsbury HS
"What an amazing opportunity PFEW provides for our students. Not only do the teens return raving about the friends that they made and how much they learned, but for many it was a life changing experience. The "can do" attitude that PFEW instills in these young adults is invaluable to this generation especially facing our current economic climate. Furthermore, every year I am impressed with the amount of scholarship money available making PFEW a resource available to all students. On countless occasions students have expressed to me that the only disappointment about PFEW is that they can't go again!"
Nicole Powers, World Cultures Teacher, Somerset Area HS
"PFEW has been an amazing experience for all of my students! It is a program that is an outstanding opportunity for ALL students, no matter what path they choose in life. Regardless of their career choice, they will all be required to sell at least one thing in life . . . . themselves. PFEW helped them to gain the confidence and skills to put their best foot forward. For me as a teacher, PFEW has been very easy to promote and sell to my students because I truly believe in the mission and quality of the program. It is extremely affordable for students, and I know that they will walk away with experiences and skills that will serve them well for a lifetime! I have had students tell me that PFEW was one of the BEST experiences in their entire high school career! So far this year, several students have stopped me in the hall (many of which I have never had in class) and said, "Mrs. Miserendino, I just want to tell you about PFEW camp this summer. It was awesome! Our company did . . . . and I met so many people that I still keep in touch with. Thank you! It was an awesome experience!" They really enjoyed the speakers and the "real life" business experience. Several years ago, when our school was new to PFEW, my own son attended, because Mom "made him go!" My very unemotional child called home screaming with excitement about his company! He had such a great time, and met so many new friends from one side of PA to the other. PFEW is an experience he will remember for a lifetime. A sincere thank you for all of the wonderful work that you do!! Also, a special thanks to the many companies that donate both their time and money to make this experience both affordable and unforgettable for our students. We couldn't do it without you!"
Kathy Miserendino, Business Teacher & Work/Study Coordinator, South Western HS

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