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Speaker Series: Bryan Mather & Kate Mehaffey, Why becoming a Navy Sailor was right for their service choice.
Two true American warriors who proudly served in the United States Army recount their military experiences.
Chuck Baker tells us about the great career opportunities in Supply Chain Management
Gene Barr explains the role of the PA Chamber & how they partner with local chambers
Getting Social with Kelly Blasi of Milwaukee Tool
Jodi Brandon, Publishing Entrepreneur
Dr. Eric Briggs, From Special Education to being a pretty special Superintendent
Dave Campbell, How a 6th Generation Family Business Has Evolved Over Time
Nick Carter, Owner of a Cleaning Services Company
Finding your way through mentors and being open to new opportunities
Todd Cohen, CSP - "The Most Important Thing No One Will Ever Teach You... Until NOW"
Lycoming College shares how you can think deeply and act boldly on their campus
Choosing the Right College
Kevin Connor shares the significance of communication to effectively market a brand.
Richie Contartesi - "How To Stay Motivated & Thrive During Uncertainty"
Jennifer Croneberger - "Connecting When We Are Apart"
John DeMasi shares his passion for helping others plan for their financial future
Toan Do analyzes his job as an auditor
David Flood - "What is Important Right Now...and Always!"
Colonel Dave Hall, USAF (ret.), Owner of DRH Pilot Service
Wisdom Learned from the Air Force Life
Joe Harford, Entrepreneur of a Data Security Company
Beth Hendler-Grunt, Professional career coach helps you with your Next Great Step
Pam Henshall talks about the importance of creating your personal brand
Sweethearts & Heroes - "Your Greatest Setback Might Just Be An Opportunity For Your Greatest Comeback!"
Steven Higgins of Delancey Street Partners. What is an Investment Banker?
Joe Hurd tells us why writing and speaking well are vital to success.
The Marine Corps Way
John Lafferty, Creator of CellMyLight
Addie Lazzell, Helping College Students Connect with Companies
Mackenzie Farone-Waite and Dwayne Waite, Jr., Marketing Powerhouse Couple
Carl Marrara, Government Affairs for Pennsylvania Manufacturers' Association
Think Non-Profits are Non-Starters? Think Again!
Bongai Mhloyi, helps young girls learn about the importance of manners.
Tom Murphy - "Why Superheroes Paint Their Fingernails"
Welcome to the FFEE Speaker Series
Joanie Norelli, Senior Customer Manager in Sales at PepsiCo
Pennsylvania College of Technology shares how you can have a future made by hand
Larry Petro offers tips to help families with the College planning process
Gary R. Morrison - "Hire Me - PLEASE!"
Jeremy Raichle, Vice President in Banking
How to Define Success - It May Not Be What You Think!
Joseph Rogers, Teaching others while learning yourself
Jake Rouch of the ERCGP and how Economic Development became his passion.
The Art of Becoming a Great Employee, and a Great Employer!
Will Your College Major Matter to Your Career Success?
Eric Shannon, from a problem to an idea to an entrepreneur
What is a Community Bank?
Ken Snyder, Career and Life Preparation with the "Salad of Life"
Alexa Sullivan shares her journey into banking and her keys to growth and success
Tom Thunstrom, Big Brother advice for adapting in your career
Paul Vizza, Tips for landing the internship you want
Scott Wyman takes us on his fascinating journey from engineering to managing people
Jeff Yalden - "It's OKAY to Feel the Way You Do"
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